Born in Istanbul, 1984 and still living there. Director and photographer with over 10 years of experience. Co-founder of creative studio Ba’ndo (wearebando.com)
Known with his tremendous creative vision, strong leadership, patience (since filmmaking is a lengthy process and requires working with different types of people) and ability to present the story according to the script. Displays excellent communication and decision-making skills. Possesses exceptional multi-tasking abilities in leading multi-functional teams.

Short Films & Awards
Seninki Rahat mı? (Feel Guilty) - 2011 .... Kurmaca
2. Vicdan Filmleri Yarışması, (Conscience Films) Finalist. 2011
2. Onat Kutlar Film Festival, 2011 Vicdan Filmleri Bölümü, Gösterim. 2012
Yeterince Renkli Değil (Not So Colourful) - 2008 / Göksel Balaban, Kıvanç Dönmez